Thriving Facilitators 

The membership closed for new members on the 28th November. Contact me on [email protected] to be informed when it opens next.

The supervision & community support you need to grow as a stronger, resilient practitioner making an impact in your sector.


Is this you?

  • You are an artist or facilitator working with groups who are experiencing difficulties in their lives
  • You work in community or educational settings that can feel challenging or complex.
  • Your work is driven by a strong sense of personal commitment or social purpose.
  • The quality of the relationship you forge with your participants crucial for your practice.

If this is you, I know that

 Thriving Facilitators can 

support you to become a stronger,

more resilient practitioner

You’re a heart-centred practitioner who wants to bring more of ‘you’ into your work with others but you feel vulnerable and doubtful at times ...

Being part of Thriving Facilitators will help you to lean into your vision, and support you to show up with presence and authenticity so you can feel confident to know that showing up as YOU is enough

You came into your profession really wanting to make a difference - in the world, and to the lives of others; but the work is challenging and you feel anxious, stressed or just exhausted and depleted as a result ...

The membership will help you understand the source of anxious and stressed feelings and thoughts which means that you will begin to realise that the things that seemed to make you stressed and anxious have little power over your life. As a result you'll feel more confident and self assured, and you'll stop putting limits on what's possible for you

You are committed to the continued growth of your practice (not to mention your wellbeing) and would like regular supervision and reflective practice but you lack time and money.

The Thriving Facilitators Membership offers you an affordable and flexible  approach to support for your practice in a group setting (in the comfort of your own home) where you can feel safe and supported to share your challenges and learn from others too.


Can't recommend the membership enough. Been involved from the start. Its an invaluable space of personal and reflective practice, being able to connect with practitioners from other disciplines from all over the world is incredible. Come and join!

Jennifer Walmsley - Co-artistic director, Bear Face Theatre Company CIC

Being part of the membership

Will enable you to 

Look after your wellbeing

Move out of survival mode by deepening your insight and understanding of the core stages  of becoming a thriving practitioner

Deepen your presence & connection as a facilitator

Lean into your heart-centred instinct and grow your confidence to be fully present with your community.

Grow & thrive as a reflective practitioner

Experience our unique blend of supervision & reflective practice to support you to create your unique growth and impact.

You're in good company

Members of Thriving Facilitators include: 

Community based artists and facilitators; applied drama lecturers, directors and CEO's of social enterprises; practitioners working in criminal justice settings, special educational needs & disability, pupil referral, with elders, refugee communities; mental health practitioners; coaches; advice services. 

These amazing practitioners are located across the world.

At present we have members located in most counties in England, Wales, Ireland, Romania, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, United States, & New Zealand

Hi, I'm Dr Sheila Preston

I've worked with 100's of courageous practitioners, who like you, work in challenging community & educational settings. I know the work can be tough but I also know that you have huge capacity - more than you realise. Not having support can whittle away confidence and self-belief. So I will hold that belief in you until you realise you have everything you need to create the impact you want to create in the world.

I look forward to working with you inside the membership

Let's do this together.

Want to hear Thriving Facilitator members sharing their experience of being part of Thriving Facilitators?

The following conversations happened with TF members a few months into joining the membership. Hear from Dr Helena Enright, lecturer, applied theatre artist and kinesiologist, Abi Horsfield, an applied theatre artist who works for Collective Encounters, & Tanya Dower, wellbeing practitioner & 'singing for lung health' artist.

What you get if you join the Thriving Facilitators Membership

As soon as you join you get access to an amazing network of support and community. There's something live on at least fortnightly, and theres a huge array of sessions and topics to listen to or catch up with when you please.  You decide what you want to be part of. Everyone is different and there is no pressure to attend every session. 

Development pathway

Specific milestones for each stage of the Thriving Facilitators Roadmap will support your reflective practice and enable you to map your progress.


Experience our unique blend of gentle supervision & reflective practice to support your growth as a practitioner


Workshops around a monthly theme will address key stages of the roadmap and support you to deepen your grounding and make progress to thriving.

Lunchtime / Morning /Evening Drop In

Relaxed and open sessions to suit all timezones and your availability. 

Community Forum

Combat isolation and connect with a super supportive community who really understand your experience and challenges.

Online Platform

Watch recordings at your leisure when it's convenient for you. Save time as our latest technology will  guide you, netflix style, to what you need.

Here's what Jo has to say about how the digital platform  has supported her ...

Jo Afful, SEN practitioner & Speech Bubbles artist speaking about how the digital platform enables her to participate with her busy work and family schedule.

Jo Afful, SEN practitioner & Speech Bubbles artist. 

Now is the time

You know, deep inside - that 'you' and your practice will grow immeasurably if you lean into the support and reflective practice that Thriving Facilitators offers. 

You know, that for your practice to deepen and grow, you need supervision and reflective practice.

The membership has been designed to be affordable. If your circumstances change or you change your mind you can leave at any time - no questions asked.

The supervision sessions are safe, supportive and friendly. You absolutely don't need to worry if you haven't experienced supervision before. The sessions enable you to gently reflect on your practice and there is never any pressure to share. 

You are a busy person. There's no requirement to attend everything - the membership has been designed as a sustainable, on-going provision so members pop in and out according to their need and schedules. 

There are sessions at different times of the day to suit your schedule and timezone.

The doors to the membership are only open for for a short period of time. 

Remember, what you pay will always stay the same, even if the price goes up for new members.

YOU and your clients will thank you for investing in yourself and your practice!

If you are still contemplating ... let me ask you

What could be possible if you if you were really thriving? 

Let's do this together!

Come and join an international community of artist-practitioners investing in themselves and making a social impact in their communities!!


I can't recommend this enough! We all talk about how we need to practice our practice and support ourselves as practitioners and TF does this in a focussed way. In a time when our work in community and education is needed more than ever, and we are facing such huge challenges, I would suggest there hasn't been a better time to become part of this community. 

Ali Franks Applied Theatre lecturer, artist, coach