I will support you to thrive as a heart-centred leader & change maker. I will encourage you to step into your power as you show up and create impact with purpose, clarity & peace of mind.

As your coach, I will support you to unlock your resilience and creativity. I will help you to understand your thinking and we will explore new ways of looking and seeing your experiences.

I will work intuitively and responsively with you, really listening to you, asking you powerful questions and inviting your reflections.

Through working with me you will discover that the source of your wellbeing lies within YOU. You will realise your unique capacity for insight and imagination which means you'll see yourself, your relationships, and your work-life differently.

What's more, this realisation will open up possibilities in yourself to impact in the world in more ways than you realised.

If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their own experience, that alone would change the world - Sydney Banks

My approach is informed by an understanding of our psychological experience called the Three Principles.  With this understanding we all have resilience, wellbeing and wisdom, and the capacity to live joyful and fulfilling lives inside us - but we just don't always realise it. All psychological approaches and 'self help' solutions are searching for ways to help people to experience psychological freedom from suffering but because these tend to  be applied from the 'outside in' they are often not sustainable, and offer limited potential for transformation.

We can all face difficulty when our minds feel full to the brim of thoughts, feelings and dilemmas - often made up from worries about the past, present, and future. Although most of us like the idea that we have an inner wisdom deep down inside, we often find it hard to access it. So we doubt ourselves and our capacities, we get caught up in personal stories, and we get worn down by our busy lives, jobs and relationship. And we lose touch with what we really want and who we really are.

Working with this understanding is a game changer. Through a simple understanding about how the mind works you will gain freedom from the idea that you have been harbouring - that overwhelm, stress, worry and anxiety are part of 'you.'

Instead, you will discover a new found calm, enthusiasm, energy, joy and connectedness to others. This will be an embodied, deep understanding. Sure, life wont be without its difficulties, pressures and set backs - that's part of being human - but you won't see them in the same way. Your innate resilience will help you to handle the challenges of life with grace, humility and wisdom.

Eventually, this new way of being will seem effortless and will start to transform the way you see your situation and your relationships with others. You will show up, knowing that what is possible for you is limitless, and you will step into your purpose-led work with powerful energy, vision and possibility.

If you are inspired to explore how renewed purpose, clarity and peace of mind could create transformation for you  contact me here for a no obligation, free clarity conversation.

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What they say

Varshini Pichemuthi

Facilitator, Co-artistic director

Working with Sheila has enabled me to ask the hard questions that I was too afraid to ask myself. She reminded me about the power of vulnerability and how to harness that power to increase creativity and joy for and in the heart-centred work we are doing and in general life.  

Sheila has helped me trust in my own innate wisdom and to fully embrace the knowledge that I am enough as a person and therefore as a facilitator with my own unique nature.

Arji Manuelpillai

Poet, Performer, Facilitator

I was coached by Sheila during a difficult time in my career. I was burnt out, tired, angry and frustrated. She focused my mind on what was important, helped me realise my essence and understand where my strengths were.

It was after our meetings that I began to put real time and devotion into my art again, this fed into my practise as a facilitator and it finally meant I created some of the best artistic work of my career. Sheila was instrumental in my growth as a person and an artist.