Hi, I support practitioners like you, who are supporting communities in difficult circumstances. I help you to get out of survival-mode and to thrive so you can lead social change without burning out.

Do you know your thriving potential? 

Imagine what could be possible for you if you were REALLY thriving as a facilitator. Not just a bit. Not just coping - but really in your element, at ease, whatever circumstances you find yourself in. What could be possible for you?

Take this intuitive quiz to discover your next steps towards THRIVING as a heart-centred practitioner who works in challenging settings.

Let me support you!

You are a practitioner who works in social and public sectors, often in roles such as lecturing, teaching, socially engaged arts and health, freelancing, probation, and/or youth & development in the charity sector.

You are 100% committed and you are providing a vital service for others, often working long hours in informal, volatile, or changeable settings. You came into your profession really believing in the power of the work you can do, wanting to make a difference in the world and to the lives of others.

But you struggle with:


You work long hours in informal, volatile, or changeable settings. Work is really challenging, and the responsibility of your job leaves you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and exhausted. You can't see the wood for the trees.


You’d love to develop your heart-centred presence with groups but you secretly feel you’re not enough. Sometimes you’re on fire, rocking it with your groups and other times you feel like an imposter, blagging it. You wonder, ‘do I have what it takes?'


You find your work emotionally draining. It seems no-one understands your situation and you feel isolated. As a result you are losing confidence and you find it hard to leave work behind at the end of the day.

You’d love to feel 


You'd love to feel at ease with yourself and your practice, knowing that you’ll be okay even when things get challenging. You want to feel peace of mind and a calm clarity even when working in volatile settings when those around you are in difficulty.


As a heart-centred practitioner you want to feel confident and safe to show up and lean into your presence with those you facilitate. When you are truly in the NOW, in your flow - you know you are intuitive, responsive, and fully focused on who you are with.


You’d love to connect with a mentor who has walked your walk who can support you through the challenges of the work. You’d also love to realise you are not alone by feeling connected with other practitioners who are walking your walk.

That's where I come in!

Working in challenging settings can be extremely difficult. But I’m here to show you that it is possible to truly thrive when you show up as a heart-centred practitioner even when it’s tough. I can help you realise that the feeling of ease, presence and connectedness that you seek is always available to you so you can continue to make a difference doing the work you were called to do.


What they say

Varshini Pichemuthi

Facilitator, Co-artistic director

Working with Sheila has enabled me to ask the hard questions that I was too afraid to ask myself. She reminded me about the power of vulnerability and how to harness that power to increase creativity and joy for and in the heart-centred work we are doing and in general life.  

Sheila has helped me trust in my own innate wisdom and to fully embrace the knowledge that I am enough as a person and therefore as a facilitator with my own unique nature.

Arji Manuelpillai

Poet, Performer, Facilitator

I was coached by Sheila during a difficult time in my career. I was burnt out, tired, angry and frustrated. She focused my mind on what was important, helped me realise my essence and understand where my strengths were.

It was after our meetings that I began to put real time and devotion into my art again, this fed into my practise as a facilitator and it finally meant I created some of the best artistic work of my career. Sheila was instrumental in my growth as a person and an artist.

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